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Commercial financing can be complex, and it helps to have a partner on your side to save time, money and alleviate stress throughout the multifaceted lending process.


why us ?

Consultants at Bespoke Lending Solutions carry a wide range of industry experience and are always happy to sit down with you and your team to discuss your specific commercial financing needs.

It is important to us that you meet all of your operating expenses, which is why our brokers are prepared to help you find innovative solutions that are in line with your business strategy.



Foreign players entering the Canadian market, along with securitization, is leading to a greater access to commercial mortgages, along with more flexibility in the types of properties that can be mortgaged. Securitization is directly related as an alternative to the traditional balance sheet lending of the big banks and insurance companies.


These providers are also taking on higher risk loans more than ever before. In the past decade, banks and insurance companies have shied away from all but the most desirable of properties and borrowers. The banks are slowly starting to become more aggressive and the new entrants to the lending industry are picking up the slack.


This bodes well for potential borrowers.



Commercial mortgages are available to people who are searching for financing ventures to cover costs of commercial purchases such as:


  • New Commercial Construction

  • Apartment Buildings

  • Low-rise, mid-rise or high-rise commercial, industrial or institutional edifices

  • Condominium complexes

  • Retail malls

  • Storage buildings

  • Income properties

  • Multi-residential properties

  • Refinance and Cash-Out to meet any urgent business expenses

  • Bridge financing

  • Raw land financing

  • Debt consolidation/refinance and cash out to meet business expenses

Commercial Mortgages are designed for businesses and investors who wish to purchase or refinance commercial, income producing properties and offer a flexible way to raise capital.

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